Prescriptive Analytics

Prescriptive analytics help you manage your assets more efficiently through knowledge of your existing asset base, the ability to predict the future state of your assets and use of advanced techniques that allow you to make better, more informed decisions. Key questions that prescriptive analytics help you answer are “What is the most cost-beneficial approach to managing my assets?” and “What should I do with my assets to ensure customer service levels?”.

Accelerated Scenario Turnaround

With AIM, users can define, optimize and analyse their preferred ‘what if’ investment scenarios based on a million assets in less than 30 minutes. AIM enables businesses to focus on getting value from their data and models after the heavy lifting of data gathering and modelling has been completed. Importantly, the process is readily repeated– it’s business as usual from here on.

Extreme Optimization

The combination of super-fast optimization model definition provided by AIM, and the best-in-class optimization engine Gurobi is truly unique in this industry. The AIM analytics engine formulates Gurobi optimization models based on 10 million decision coefficients in less than 5 minutes. It’s not surprising that companies keep choosing AIM as their preferred asset-level optimization framework.

Powered by Gurobi

Probit has had a long-standing relationship with Gurobi- we go back nearly to the beginning of both companies and the relationship has been mutually beneficial. Probit has been able to rely on the outstanding performance of the Gurobi solver, while AIM has continued to challenge the world leader in optimization software by creating complex and in some cases extremely large LP models. Over time, both processes have been optimised to the extreme, resulting in a significant benefit for our clients.