Data Visualization

Descriptive Analytics help you understand your current asset base. It can answer questions such as “What is the average age of my asset base?” and “How many assets are older than 50 years?”. Descriptive analytics inform you of the status quo by turning raw data into sensible pieces of information.


A picture speaks a thousand words, which is why AIM includes rich and smooth data visualization out of the box. All our charts have been carefully crafted and defined to help you find your preferred investment scenario and present results to the wider business quickly and easily. Risk View allows you to compare scenarios and drill down into more detail using our flexible and interactive data charts. We’re enthusiastic about the latest web technologies and use D3 for our visualizations. D3 allows us to hand-craft the perfect picture for you. And if you want more? Just say the word.


Do you like seeing results in a Geographic Information System? So do we! We use Leaflet, a benchmark when it comes to web-based interactive GIS maps. While we’re not claiming we should replace your in-house GIS solution, you can render millions of GIS segments within our web application, interact with your assets at lightning speed, and group your assets by attribute, intervention or intervention time step (e.g. year), all within a lightweight, browser- based environment. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can enjoy your experience with AIM.