Data Integration

Flexible Reporting

Everyone has different requirements. Sometimes you want numbers, not pictures. AIM includes a powerful and flexible reporting module as standard, which allows users to customise their reports to the exact specifications required. No need for additional configuration costs, no need to get the consultants involved.

Just define your report template in AIM and retrieve your results through Risk View. Need more? Just keep adding those templates!

AIM Web Services

Sometimes you want more – more data, more integration. We understand. AIM includes a RESTful Web Services API that will enable clients to integrate AIM with any third party software and system that can consume web services.

In fact, AIM achieves a service-oriented compliant architecture by using only AIM Web Services for the AIM Web Application. This means that all functionality and data available in the AIM Web Application is also available to other systems and third-party software, thereby removing any barrier to integration.