Predictive Analytics

Asset-level Risk and Cost Modelling

Risk and cost forecasts are calculated according to user-defined equations in the powerful and flexible AIM Model Editor. The Model Editor links directly to your asset data set and attributes and includes many built-in variables and mathematical functions that allow you to formulate effective risk and cost models. Models are validated and visualized using the model profiler, avoiding the need for complex spreadsheets and helping users to spot and correct model errors.

Advanced Statistical Distributions and Uncertainty

AIM allows for the formal quantification and analysis of uncertainty for every model parameter before and after optimisation. Including uncertainty distributions within your decision-making framework gives you a deeper understanding of the inherent uncertainty around your risks, costs and investment requirements.

AIM includes all standard and several expert statistical distributions such as Normal/Gaussian, Lognormal, Weibull, Gamma and Chi Squared. AIM was built for this stuff!

Comprehensive Forecasting

The AIM Planning Horizon defines the time period for optimized decision making. Users can define daily, weekly, monthly or yearly time steps, allowing for short term, medium term and longer term planning. Daily, weekly, monthly and annual time steps can cover periods up to 3 months, 2 years, 8 years and 100 years respectively

Prescriptive Analytics

Accelerated Scenario Turnaround

With AIM, users can define, optimize and analyse their preferred ‘what if’ investment scenarios based on a million assets in less than 30 minutes. AIM enables businesses to focus on getting value from their data and models after the heavy lifting of data gathering and modelling has been completed. Importantly, the process is readily repeated– it’s business as usual from here on.

Extreme Optimization

The combination of super-fast optimization model definition provided by AIM, and the best-in-class optimization engine Gurobi is truly unique in this industry. The AIM analytics engine formulates Gurobi optimization models based on 10 million decision coefficients in less than 5 minutes. It’s not surprising that companies keep choosing AIM as their preferred asset-level optimization framework.

Powered by Gurobi

Probit has had a long standing relationship with Gurobi- we go back nearly to the beginning of both companies and the relationship has been mutually beneficial. Probit has been able to rely on the outstanding performance of the Gurobi solver, while AIM has continued to challenge the world leader in optimization software by creating complex and in some cases extremely large LP models. Over time, both processes have been optimised to the extreme, resulting in a significant benefit for our clients.

Visualization, Reporting and Integration


A picture speaks a thousand words, which is why AIM includes rich and smooth data visualization out of the box. All our charts have been carefully crafted and defined to help you find your preferred investment scenario and present results to the wider business quickly and easily. Risk View allows you to compare scenarios and drill down into more detail using our flexible and interactive data charts. We’re enthusiastic about the latest web technologies and use D3 for our visualizations. D3 allows us to hand-craft the perfect picture for you. And if you want more? Just say the word.

Flexible Reporting

Everyone has different requirements. Sometimes you want numbers, not pictures. AIM includes a powerful and flexible reporting module as standard, which allows users to customise their reports to the exact specifications required. No need for additional configuration costs, no need to get the consultants involved. Just define your report template in AIM and retrieve your results through Risk View. Need more? Just keep adding those templates!


Do you like seeing results in a Geographic Information System? So do we! We use Leaflet, a benchmark when it comes to web-based interactive GIS maps. While we’re not claiming we should replace your in-house GIS solution, you can render millions of GIS segments within our web application, interact with your assets at lightning speed, and group your assets by attribute, intervention or intervention time step (e.g. year), all within a lightweight, browser- based environment. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can enjoy your experience with AIM.

Data integration/API

Sometimes you want more - more data, more integration. We understand. AIM includes a fully documented Java-based data integration API that allows you to integrate AIM with the rest of your software infrastructure. Data transfers are fully encrypted, so you can integrate AIM with the rest of your business without having to worry about data security issues.

Risk and service value framework

Risk Maps

At the core of AIM are Asset Risk Maps. Risk Maps are easy to build and amend and allow for a transparent, collaborative and auditable approach to defining the investment optimisation problem. They combine assets, deterioration and service impact relationships, and intervention costs and benefits in a graphical representation that is easily understood by stakeholders, asset managers and modellers alike.

Probit Consulting defined the concept of the Asset Risk Map in 2010, and since then it’s grown into a de facto standard across multiple industries. If you’re looking for innovation, you’ve come to the right place.

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