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Thames Water

Thames Water

Thames Water is the UK’s largest water and wastewater service company. It supplies 9 million water and 14 million wastewater customers across London and the Thames Valley. It manages 32,000 km of water mains, 108,000 km of sewers, 100 water treatment works and 350 sewage treatment works.

Thames Water is Probit’s first client and is using AIM for water main and sewer assets to quantify the investment required to achieve levels of service for customers. This feeds into their next five-year planning cycle, in which proposals are submitted to their regulator, Ofwat, to determine the investment companies can make and future bill limits for customers. Asset Investment Manager has also been used for water resource management planning to identify how Thames Water will maintain water supplies over a 25 year period.

South West Water

Sout West Water

South West Water provides water and sewerage services in Devon, Cornwall, and parts of Dorset and Somerset. 1.7 million residents and 8 million tourists rely on them to deliver a safe and clean water supply and keep the region’s beaches and sewerage systems in line with stringent UK and European Union standards. Their assets include 29 water treatment works, 645 waste water treatment works, 1,001 combined sewer overflows, 1,111 water and sewage pumping stations, 15,000 km of water mains and 14,000 km of sewers.

South West Water is utilising AIM for their extensive above ground assets (water treatment works, pumping stations etc.) to inform the level of investment required to maintain and improve water quality, minimise and prevent taste, odour and discolouration and ensure waste water leaving treatment works is no threat to the environment.

Dŵr Cymru/Welsh Water

Sout West Water

Welsh Water is the sixth largest water and sewerage company in England and Wales. It is responsible for providing over three million people with drinking water and wastewater services across Wales and some adjoining areas of England. It operates 27,000 km of water mains, 19,000 km of sewers, 105 water treatment works, 832 wastewater treatment works, 81 reservoirs, 715 service reservoirs, 532 pumping stations, 1,700 sewage pumping stations and 3,300 combined sewer overflows.

Welsh Water is using AIM across all assets to inform the level of investment required to maintain and upgrade the large network of assets to ensure a safe and reliable drinking water supply and to deal effectively with waste water so as to protect the environment.